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    Quote Originally Posted by Adolf Allerbush View Post
    Clearly you're speaking/spanking from experience. Sounds like a recipe for sore wang.
    uhh, yeah, i have a shit ton of experience with masturbation, no circle jerks though unless you count with my gf. but that was a metaphor

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikecandy View Post
    thats really not relevant, is it? i mean, the particular "inconsistency" he is talking about is not an inconsistency at all given that christians believe christ absolved them from following levitican law

    you and hutash can circle jerk all day, for the 1,000th time about the rest of it, but this shit is pretty well known and explained
    You're right. Less focus on biblical inerrancy and more focus on this Jesus zombie who will wash away my sins. Do they come off easily?

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