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    Hi, obviously not much of a contributor here but I have used gimp central as a lurker and feel I have something to add to this discussion. On October 4th I had surgery at the Steadman clinic in Vail with LaPrade. Besides a shredded meniscus and a couple of cysts my real problem is articulated cartilage damage on the lateral side. In the previous year I have been offered a meniscus transplant, a femoral osteotomy and partial knee replacement from three separate Boston ortho's, one of whom had a direct view into Gillette Stadium($$$$). LaPrade offered me a basic clean up; remove cysts, debridement of the cartilage, meniscus trim and a floating bone chip under the knee cap removed. He was the only guy who would to do a cleanup. Everybody else thought I was to far gone and wanted to get drastic. I asked for and received PRP and Stem Cells from my hip. LaPrade believes in PRP and thinks it more effective long term then cortisone. He has a PRP company on site at the Vail Surgical Center.

    The good news is LaPrade and his team offers Stem Cells treatment. My bone marrow was harvested from my hip, the stem cells spun out and injected into the surgical site at the time of the procedure. The bad news is LaPrade does not think it is that effective, at least for my issues. He said that the stem cell concentration from bone marrow is only 1% as opposed to the much richer stem cell concentrations from other sources like they are approved for in Europe. I insisted and got it anyway. He was cool and I liked him and his team.

    So how is my knee? To early to tell. Doing rehab- swimming with fins, stretching, balance work, single leg strength work now, biking and I have even done some hiking. I had previously had zero knee surgery's. I have a lot of rebuilding to to, in last three years my leg and ass has shrunk significantly. The destruction the cyclops cyst was causing in the lateral front of my knee is HUGELY improved with its removal. My articulated cartilage damage behind my knee still hurts quite a bit. He was not aggressive with the meniscus trim on purpose and I still think it is irritating my bone on bone. The hope is we have enough improvement in the pain that I can align my knee with better musculature in my legs and ass ( and the loading it is going to require to build) like I had previously, which was significant. I am going back in February and getting another round of PRP and Stem Cell. It is going to be hard to pull out what part the stem cells played in my improvement if any but I am super glad I had it done.
    I thought bone marrow stem cells were cultured to increase the amount injected.....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by splat View Post
    I thought bone marrow stem cells were cultured to increase the amount injected.....?
    The fda does not approve any stem cell culture, regenexx used to do it and the fda sued them.

    In Europe, there is one outfit itrt in Spain that can do this, with very good results.

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    If you're talking extraction and injection same day like most organizations do in the US then no, cells are not cultured. Some European countries allow for culture but at least as of three years ago FDA guidelines were much more prohibitive in that regard.

    Edit: What he said.

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