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    Did a good day of ski trail/glade work last weekend and the knee feels good. Rest of me is sore from all the hiking and wood cutting and dragging but knee did not hurt during or after.

    I still get weather induced aches and pains but its low grade and not a big deal.
    You are the mission Bob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazderati View Post
    I opted in around eight weeks post-op. If the next question is about the difference it made, your guess is as good as mine. So many variable play a part in recovery/repair. My thinking is, if the money is available, history of cancer low, and even a chance it will help, why not.
    Yo, Maz....if you read the novella of my experience via my shitloads of posts in here, you'll see that I pretty much noticed nothing until day 108 or so.

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