View Full Version : A broken camera T.R. part four

05-24-2007, 08:37 PM
The day after arriving back in C.C. My friend Art calls and say's "the big Tarpon are here" I'm thinking the knee feels good enough for a casting platform..why not.

Early but not too early.


A well set up Tarpon Machine.


Here's where the camera really went south, I took a great shot of about an 80 lb Tarpon jumping only 25 feet from the boat, you could even see the fly in it's mouth.

All of a sudden the camera let out about 6-7 consecutive beeps and flashed e-18 in the lower left corner of the display and shut off.

I was ready to throw it over the side.

Oh yea, 3 more Tarpon jumped that morning.

That's all until I get a new camera, I'm out.