View Full Version : Now you can buy beer on sunday in PA?

09-03-2005, 10:34 PM
I just read tht you can now buy beer on sunday in PA? what is the world coming to? meh. no matter, iI don't drink any more anyways.

CAMP HILL, Pa. (AP) - Enjoying a cold beer is getting a little easier in Pennsylvania this holiday weekend, but only a little. Under new state laws in effect this weekend, Jim Yaple, president of Westy Beer Distributor, is among 800 distributors now allowed for the first time to sell beer by the case on Sundays -- in the afternoon. Pennsylvania joins a dozen other states that have relaxed their liquor laws in the last three years.

Still in place, however, are many of the state's oddball beer-sales laws. For instance, consumers who want to drink a frosty one at home basically have two choices -- either pick up a case from a distributor like Westy or get no more than two six-packs -- nothing larger -- from a tavern or restaurant.